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Modern Web-development Stack

Some time ago now i stumbled over some web development tools and frameworks when evaluating the current modern stuff. After building some small applications i decided to write a very small seed application with the following technology stack. github node Not much to tell about node. It is built on Chrome's V8 engine for building fast, scalable network application. If you do not hate javascript, give it a try! expressjs When using node you often want…

AngularJs Directives

What are Directives? Directives may be the most difficult part of AngularJs and at the same time the most powerful and useful. Think of directives as components you use to assemble an application. You can create your own HTML tags or attributes. Angular comes with a lot of them already included. Thinks like ng-repeat ng-show... are nothing else than directives. When to use Directives Use them as often as you can. Not only are directives reusable…